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Request for Presentation Proposals

One-Page Proposal Details: 

Proposals must be submitted by April 17, 2020.

Please submit no longer than a one-page overview for a presentation idea per the guidelines below. Please make sure to complete the appropriate information by the printed deadline. All proposals will be carefully and thoughtfully considered. Sponsorship of HDC will have no impact on the selection of presentations.

General Presentation Section Theme:

This presentation section will allow presenters to highlight primary data and the subsequent findings related to the hospitality industry. The proposal should highlight quantitative analysis of primary data that was collected within your organization, DMO, CVB, or in relation to your academic work. Please do not submit a sales pitch, product demonstration, or STR data. We are interested in what your data can illuminate about the hotel industry, DMOs or CVBs. There will be three 25 minute breakout session presentations selected by a committee of 3 to 5 members who will choose the presenters from the submitted proposals. We are not looking for final presentations at this point; thus fully completed analyses are not required, nor are PowerPoint Slides, or bios.

Please include the following in your one-page proposal:


• Name / Title / Address / Email / Phone # of the presenter

• Organization and Expertise

GUIDELINES: (Please Address Each Guideline in One or Two Sentences)

• What is the primary data you will be presenting?

• What is your thesis regarding the data?

• Why is your idea important to the hotel industry?

• What three specific outcomes will unfold?

• What story does it convey about the hotel industry?

• Will this presentation be shown at any other conference?

Please submit all proposals to presentations@str.com.

Speak + Sponsor:

A limited number of sponsorship packages also include speaking opportunities. This is the only way to guarantee a spot on one of HDC’s panel discussions.

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities please contact IndustryPartners@str.com.