Speaker Spotlight: Tim Johnson, LBA Hospitality 

Our presenters and panelists are talented experts, and they make Hotel Data Conference so informative - and fun. We had a chance to get some insight from one of our panelists, Tim Johnson. Get to know him a bit more from the questions below and consider attending his presentation on keeping your reputation intact online and offline.

Tim Johnson, Director of eCommerce, LBA Hospitality

Panelist on: Online, offline: Keeping your reputation intact

When: August 6th, 10:30-11:45 am

1) Who are you? 

To become great at just about anything, it requires commitment. With more than 10 years of digital marketing experience, I consider myself an ambitious, thirty-something, business professional that aims to keep up with the technological challenges presented by big data and its mass of information around consumer behavior, while constructing successful, viable business plans that include all aspects of the multifaceted travel industry.

 Outside of the office, I’m just that…outside. I enjoy most all outdoor activities, especially, if they involve being on or near large bodies of water.

2) What are you speaking about at Hotel Data Conference?

"Online, offline: Keeping your reputation intact”

3) Why is this an important topic?

The reality is that consumers trust corporate marketing messages much less now than they did in the past. With the continual emergence of new and user-friendly ways to research travel choices, making sure your online reputation is positive can be the difference between low occupancy and profitable room and ancillary revenue.

4) What Hotel Data Conference presentation are you most looking forward to?

"Online, offline: Keeping your reputation intact.” As a panel participant, I look forward to hearing the individual perspectives of my industry peers, supporting diversity of thought and embracing those differences.

5) Who would you most like to see at Hotel Data Conference and why?

I’d very much like to meet Bill Carlson, as he previously served as vice president of consumer marketing and worked with Choice Hotels’ loyalty program. I’d love to talk with him about how he’s seen online reputation influence brand perception and customer loyalty.

6) What is one thing you would like to do while in Nashville?

As a Nashville native, I’m looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and colleagues and experiencing the tremendous growth the city has seen the over past few years. I read by 2035, the region will be larger than the size of the Denver region today – super exciting for Music City!

7) What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Challenges are often the equivalent of opportunities.

8) What has happened recently in the industry that surprised you?

The stellar increase in Airbnb’s popularity. Airbnb has really become a game changer in the hospitality industry as an alternative lodging choice. It’s important that we react to its popularity as we do with any other new competitor. Maintaining our brands' competitive advantages will be two-part – continually improving the customer journey online and keeping service and product quality acute.

9) What is the biggest challenge facing the industry?

It’s all about individual industry perspective here. Over half of Millennials stayed at independent hotels last year, 20% more than baby boomers – That’s a solid challenge that presents itself at my desk. Millennials (myself included) are the new power segment. It’s important for us to connect now to gain their loyalty present and forward-looking. The power of guest feedback resonates louder than ever before. Building trust by word of mouth, aka our online reputation, is vital to our success. 

10) What is your favorite food or drink?

Mexican cuisine and margaritas!

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