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7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Hotel Data Conference 2016

It’s time to start planning for Hotel Data Conference 2016, so you get the most out of it. Check out these seven tips and get ready to excel at HDC in September.


1. Leverage social media.

You can get a head start on the conference by following and posting about Hotel Data Conference 2016 now – use #hoteldataconf and follow us on Twitter here. See who else is writing about it and plan who you want to connect with at HDC. We will also be on Instagram this year! Our team will be posting photos throughout the conference.  Follow us here.  Social media is a great way to set up conference meetings before you arrive in Nashville.


2. Download the HDC app.

Download the Hotel Data Conference 2016 app to streamline your HDC experience. The app has the full agenda and session descriptions, speaker bios, and more. It also helps you connect with other attendees and sponsors and customize your schedule. You should have already received an invitation to access the app and verify your account.  Be sure to follow the steps in that email, so you can access the exclusive areas just for attendees.


3. Plan your “can’t miss” events.

Check out our website to learn more about the sessions, schedule and speakers. Before you get to Nashville, you should have an idea of the key parts of the conference you don’t want to miss. That includes everything from the educational sessions and networking events to fun activities in Nashville.


4. Eat well.

First of all, you need fuel to keep you going with all of the sessions and events you’ll be attending. Second of all, Nashville has an amazing food scene. Check out this blog post to read about some of our favorite places to eat during HDC in Nashville.


5. Take photos.

Photos are great for memories (don’t forget to hashtag your conference pictures with #hoteldataconf on Instagram (@HotelDataConference) and Twitter (@HotelDataConf). Photos can also be helpful business tools. Take a quick snap of business cards, so you don’t lose the connections you make and presentation screens, so you don’t forget key points you learn.


6. Set up an out of office reply.

Even though you are technically working while at Hotel Data Conference 2016, you probably won’t be able to check your email as often as you normally would. Set up an out of office message, so contacts know why you’re giving delayed responses – and don’t forget to mention Hotel Data Conference in case some of those contacts are also at the conference.


7. Bring the right gear.

Here are the items you must pack for HDC:

·         Business cards: Pack extra just in case! It’s better to bring some home than run out right when you meet a great contact.

·         Chargers: Whenever you travel you bring a charger for your phone, tablet, and laptop, but it’s good to keep chargers or batteries on you at all times at HDC Nashville. You’ll be on your devices a lot!

·         Business materials: You never know when the opportunity to share more about your business will present itself. Make sure you have some brochures, white papers, or case studies in case a prospect turns into a lead but don’t force the materials onto everyone you meet.

·         Sweater or jacket. Though the Nashville weather has been steamy, the rooms for the conference can get a bit chilly. It’s best to dress in layers to be the most comfortable during HDC.

A little work now will go a long way once you get to Hotel Data Conference 2016. If you still haven’t registered, click here to join the waitlist.