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16 Reasons to Attend HDC 2016 


Registration is open, and we are well on our way to another successful Hotel Data Conference. If you need a few reasons to join us (or reasons to convince your boss why you need to be in Nashville for HDC 2016), here are 16:

1.       Hotel Data Conference 2016 is once again at the Nashville Omni - same space, same setup. See what everyone raved about last year!

2.       Hear STR favorite presenters like Brad Garner, Steve Hennis, Ali Hoyt, Amanda Hite, and Randy Smith.

3.       New presenters will be at HDC 2016 as well. More information is coming soon.

4.       This year, we will kick off the conference with the forecast presentation. As always, you’ll hear data from several data sources, not just STR.

5.       Our conference is valuable to the industry as a whole - major brands, independents, destinations, and industry partners.

6.       Get the data you need in short, fast-paced sessions called Data Dashes.

7.       If you are looking for more in-depth presentations, don't miss the Data Dives, longer sessions that allow you to dig deeper into the data. STR data will be intertwined with commentary from an industry expert.

8.       We have added one panel and two debate style discussions for a total of 18. More panels and debate style discussions bring more topics, more conversation, and more points of view.

9.       To provide a broader overview of the industry, we will have six Data Dashes featuring external presenters.  

10.   Enjoy debates? Hear us enthusiastically discuss hot topics in the industry.

11.   The CEO Panel is back by popular demand this year.  

12.   2016 topics include mergers, revenue management, Airbnb, CapEx, and more.  Our full agenda will be announced before the end of the month. 

13.   Hear the latest about the top 25 markets.

14.   While the amount of data you’ll hear about is huge, our conference is not. We think there are benefits to limiting registrations so questions and discussion are encouraged. Book now, though; we sold out the last two years!

15.   Network and learn from each other! Over 500 travel industry professionals and vendors will be at HDC 2016. We will have two networking events plus breaks.

16.   Nashville recently ranked #1 for Thrillist's Best 25 Cities to Spend a Weekend. HDC is September 6-8, but we suggest you come in early for Labor Day weekend and see everything Nashville has to offer. Read more.

We could go on, but you get the idea. Join us in Nashville for Hotel Data Conference 2016. 

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